A Mom's First Drag Race Is Against The Dodge Demon. Like The Greatest Drag Racers of All Time, She Hit The Run Off Trap At An Estimate 140 to 150 mph Trying To Beat The Demon. Never Quit. 

My wife and my best friend has the heart of a champion and the focus of a jet fighter pilot, I thank our heavenly father for keeping her safe this last weekend at her first drag race. This story is about my wife Cheryl and includes our new friend Craig Blossom who she raced, the driver of the 2018 Dodge Demon. Send this story to a friend in drag racing, maybe it will save a mom's life.  Here are some of the photos from the day, telling the story of a little mom's very first drag race.


A mom who just 4 days earlier was grieving on the one year anniversary of the loss of her oldest son Jeremy at just 23, a graduate from the University of Michigan as a civil engineer. 


That morning I had placed Jeremy's wooden name plate on the rear seat to ride with mom to her first drag race. I coached her as much as possible, and once we got there I showed her the finish line as we sat and ate lunch.


As she lined up for her first run, I knew she would give it her all, and try to beat that little little red car, that just happened to be 2018 Dodge Demon, the fastest production muscle car ever built.



After a long slow ride to the end of the track on a golf cart as I approached the her and the car, I saw my little spitfire on her knees digging the car out with the men. Now I know she's fine, and all I can do is try to calm her and softly say it's ok honey everything is just fine.  I walk around the car and not a scratch. All she could say is I didn't want to hit the breaks too hard and lose control of the car, I thought the little shack was the finish line. I giggled, still in shock and assured her everything was ok. 


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Craig in the Dodge Demon ran 10.1224 at @ 135 MPH with a .1508 reaction time. Cheryl in her very first drag race ran a 12.5353 at 115 MPH with a .1753 reaction time. For those of you who never drag raced, that's a great reaction time and pretty darn fast in 10 to 12 seconds.

But you see this was Cheryl's first pass down the 1/4 mile, she missed seeing the finish line at the 1/4 mile mark.  Instead she drove her 500 hp Hemi at top speed for nearly a half mile. I stood back at the finish line in shock with a surreal numb feeling as heard the sound of the mighty Hemi pulling at close to top speed nearly all the way into the gravel trap. Craig told us he thought she went by him between 140 and 150 mph. Luckily he looked in his rear view mirror, because he had to turn right in front of her to exit the track.  By the grace of our father in heaven he saw her coming. I knew what happened, because I knew my wife's level of determination in everything she does. I knew she got focused on passing that little red car. As I saw the ambulance leave to go to her I had a peace come over me that she was just fine, but I was in shock.


Cheryl's First Run. Notice Both Car's Cut A Great Light - Fenders Rise - On The Gas.

This story is dedicated to my wonderful wife, our son and also dedicated to all of the engineers at Dodge who built chassis pans on an amazing car that protected her life, the Dodge Challenger. Cheryl got out of her 2017 Dodge Challenger and did not have a scratch on her, and her car had zero damage after entering the gravel trap at an estimated 140 mph to 150 mph. The men at US 131 Drag Strip said they had never seen a car drive so deep (far in to the trap).  Keep in mind this pit is designed to slow 300 mph race cars. Our deepest thanks to the folks at US 131 who made that trap.


Her car is now cleaned, detailed and back on display on the studio floor.  It still looks and runs perfect, and it's ready for next weeks Hemi shoot out in Indianapolis. I'm racing and showing our new signature series car to hundreds of hemi fans and owners.  You see, Cheryl's car is a one of one prototype design theme on a TA / Challenger to follow the legendary "Big Daddy" Don Garlits one of one drag pak Challenger Swamp Rat XXXVI that I did. The Innovator™ is the sister design to the legends ride. It's the start of a brand new collector line coming out in 2021. A line that will be designed for customers by the legendary Kenny Youngblood. Blood & Cheryl have the first design.  It's beautiful. Our love and thanks to the greatest drag racing artist of all time.


Oh and by the way everyone, my little spitfire Cheryl beat me in Reaction Time, Elapse Time and Top Speed for our runs for the day. She got right back in the car. Make sure to really stress to your loved one at their first drag race where the finish line is, you know how sometimes folks just don't hear detail. Next run Cheryl did great, running a respectable 12.9 At 111 mph. All she said was we need some slicks and you need to teach me how to do a burnout honey.


Cheryl's Second Run Below. Peace Everyone.
A Mom's First Drag Race Is Against The Dodge Demon. Never Quit.