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Our online digital workshops are designed to take our participants through all stages of professional TV & radio commercial, web & corporate video and print and web advertising tool productions.  We provide the necessary coaching to create marketing materials that sell products or services locally or on the internet.  The software and equipment has never been easier or more affordable to use and do.  It's simple and ANYONE can do it along side their traditional day's work.

(Final Cut Pro & Photoshop The Creative Tools For TV, Radio, Websites & Print)


Each month we will come out with new information on one of the following topics below. 

(Photoshop / Final Cut Pro - The Software)

           Photo & Video Basics & Advanced


Writing / Concepts / Information Delivery & Flow


• Story Conception

• Importing & Exporting Digital Media 
• Structure & Formatting

• Print Production & The Uses Of Photoshop In Manufacturing

• Green Screen & Photoshop Basic For Print & Video

Directing & Focal Points


• Visual  Impact Of Your Messages
• Directing Art
• Staging / Building The Background & Foreground
• Camera Angles and Positions / Focal points / Light Direction


Cameras & Lighting

• Creating the Feel, Mood & Sound
• Applying of Light / Study of Lighting
• Selecting Camera Angles & Movements
• Shooting Different Environments Inside / Outside

• Stock Film / Video Royalty Free




• (Final Cut Pro) Professional Editing Software
• The Pro’s Tempo
• Sound & Video - The Detail By The 1/4 Second


(A) - Photoshop Basics For Print - Creating Master Files Ready For Print In

Billboards, Banners, Magazine Ads, Web Ads, Vehicle Wraps Etc...

(B) - Photoshop Basics For Print & Manufacturing


(A) - Final Cut Pro / Photoshop Advanced For Video / Print / Web

Television, Radio & Internet Productions

(B) - Final Cut Pro / Photoshop Advanced For Video / Print / Web

Television, Radio & Internet Productions

(Final Cut Pro & Photoshop It's Easy When You Learn From A Pro)


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