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Over the course of his career as a mechanic and fabricator Joe Adams had to learn all of the state-of-the-art digital creations tools in static and motion art for selling products because he created the ratchet and socket of workbenches. Adamstand™ was and is a product line that is very hard to explain in static images.  Once Adams mastered the tools, he realized the web tools make a trades master 1,000 time stronger because one can then control mass production in many product venues as well as control tv, radio, print and property advertisements. These skills are priceless to know.  Our program $7. per day for a one year membership.  Joining Adams are some icons in racing, muscle car design, builders and fabrication experts in CNC and beyond.  The coaching program will start with Adams' instructions, but the next coach could be you marketed nationwide with us. Subscribe today and learn priceless online tools.