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One Of Our Design Services For Custom Cars & Trucks

The Challenger Innovator™ Series Was Created To Shed Light On A Monumental Project To Help America
Re-Build American Made & Strengthen Our Trades Force With Education For Young Parents On The Value Of Teaching Trades.


001 Prototype (Above) That Started The Program

 The Story - We Designed The Legends Drag Pac Graphics Package That Gave Us Collector Value For Innovator™
Creating Value For The Next Generation's Collector Muscle Cars (The Prototype & Larry Such's 1320 - Customer #1) 


Overview of Adams Design

Big Daddy Don Garlits Interview

We Customize Challenger or Ram Trucks

Customer #3 (Above) - Early Proof Innovator™ Adds Value To Challengers With Our Designs

  Innovator™ "The Car's Rendering" First Value Report From Hagerty® Jay Leno's Car (#3) And A Hennessey 001 (#7) Used As References In Creating Our Valuation - See Information Below Right.


Big Daddy told me he turned down $250,000 the day Swamp Rat XXXVI displayed in the Mopar booth at PRI in 2012. We then saw the last Dodge Demon came off the manufacturing line and sold at auction for $500,000 at Barrett Jackson. I knew both of those facts meant that my design value had just risen. Then Hagerty® used Jay Leno's Gen 3 Challenger and a #1 of 50 Hennessey in the valuation report (below). 


Big Daddy's car is priceless and worth far more than the last Dodge Demon. So I wanted to check my design value at a professional customs insurance company, Hagerty®. I did a rendering and sent it to Hagerty's Valuation Team and asked what would my new signature series car be worth, just showing them the rendering?  They sent me a professional valuation recommendation on a 2017 for $100,000.  Remember, the car was just a thought and a rendering at the time of this email above.



Joe Adams Radio Interview (Play Below)

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