Gilmore Auto Museum - July 2021

By U. S. Inventor / Pro Motor Sports Designer & Promotional Team Joe & Cheryl Adams

This weekend to help our future American Trades force at the 31st Annual Mopar's At The Red Barn we promoted and had a great turn out with awesome public support showing our product lines to promote our cause to help build a more advanced American Trades Force. This can be done combining the power of digital design and a single trade.


At our last show (Iola Car Show - see the video on this page) we had even better support and exposure, interviewed on a radio program that will carry our monumentally important message to young parents and grandparents to 8 stations in 2 states. You can see the American Legend and Smithsonian inducted Big Daddy Don Garlits on our web film below supporting our movement.

We have an innovative proposal to approach the Gilmore Auto Museum executives to help advance not only their Michigan youth program but also our country's foundational mechanical educational system nationwide. The proposal has innovation and foresight to excite young parents and grandparents to inspire young people to get into the industry we all love and more important need to help make America stronger in mechanics and community manufacturing. Marketing to individual families nationwide to the enhance our system will dramatically improve our system.

At the show visiting with the Director Of Commercial Operations - Ken Fischang, I explained that we are writing muscle car history and using our revolutionary new American made work bench system to show trades workers a more efficient shop equipment line designed to save time and use space more efficiently.  The idea is to use both of these projects as inspirational stories to show young people just what can be done when one works with their hands in a trade and masters digital art.  Digital Art is the control of art and messages in video and print on everything tangible or online, TV and radio. To master these skills makes a trades person a 1,000 times stronger.


Installing the Adamstand™ Speedbench work system will create the most revolutionary shop in the world at the Gilmore Garage Works educations program in a shop equipment line category that has not been improved upon in nearly 100 years. We would also use museum display on film with our muscle car story to inspire our youth who train or will train in the mechanical and manufacturing passion areas.


Our husband and wife's team endorsement of the Gilmore Garage Works educations program can be used with our projects to inspire and grow not only in Michigan but also our nation to create a more advanced trades experts foundational education's model. The end goal is to help build a more advanced American Mechanical / Manufacturing / Digital trades force that has a much stronger skill set over the historic normal so our future nations youth can rebuild our made in America product lines to help our economic foundation.

Iola Car Show
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