We are building a limited collector line for future generations to enjoy.  This package was created for two reasons.  One was to create a line that follows the 1 of 1  design I we did for the drag racing legend Big Daddy Don Garlits.  The second reason was to help shed light on a very important cause to help strengthen our country’s trades force by placing model kit build classes in our grade schools. The idea is to ignite the passion to hand build at a younger age to help strengthen our trades force foundation.


The Innovator™ is a customs line that starts with graphic design heritage traced to the iconic Mopar legend’s one of one drag pack Challenger design Swamp Rat XXXVI. The new collectors are an innovative approach with a new museum style digital arts display to create a collector car and vehicle display package to be used where the customer shows or stores the car.  The object is to give my customer a true automotive collector's masterpiece that goes beyond a traditional collectable car. My decision to replicate the car was so Challenger owners who had the right cars could upgrade their cars to collectables to hand down through generations.


So what’s offered when you supply your new Hemi Challenger for up fit?


Starting At $25,000 - The Show Design Kit comes with:


  • matching show uniform shirt

  • exterior graphics package (all decal)

  • under the hood vin / serial numbered metal photo badging

  • a custom certificate of authenticity  design book

  • Mopar performance & design upgrades (per custom order)

  • LP Custom Wheels by Centerline (optional) 

See the wheels here http://www.centerlinewheels.com/lpss.html


Starting At $35,000 - The Legend’s Museum Design Kit comes with:


  • a matching custom helmet

  • matching show uniform sets

  • matching uniform jackets

  • matching driving suits

  • matching car show banners

  • exterior car graphics package (all paint)

  • show car caliber clear coat

  • second hemi display case (if you supply a 426 Hemi)

  • museum caliber wall displays (of actual museum art works)

  • under the hood vin / serial numbered metal photo badging

  • a custom certificate of authenticity design book

  • Mopar performance & design upgrades (per custom order)

  • matching truck and trailer graphics 

  • LP Custom Wheels by Centerline 

Starting At $55,000 The Pro Racer's Design Kit - all above - only 25 Will Be Built - EVER. This kit will be for Demon & Hellcat owners only.


The 5 Pro Racer's Kits will be amazing.  The new Helephant 426 hemi is 1,000 hp if you can get one. It is factory built and is the “only” choice for a high performance engine replacement package that we will authenticate on the FIVE. This is to keep the car pure Mopar. You can order this engine for display only if you can get a 426 from one of the authorized dealers.  We will NOT install these and void warrantees.  However we will adjust the certificate of authenticity book to make your car a “pure race car collectable” to make it EVEN MORE RARE,  if you supply us with a release saying the modification was done for racing only and if you have your engine swap, tune, suspension and roll cage mods done at an authorized up-fitter like Prefix.


We will build a custom acrylic display crate for either second engine that remains on the floor.  When we say custom, we mean just like Big Daddy Don Garlits uses at The Museum of Drag Racing.  Then your extra hemi can join your package for powerful display with your car when she sits or shows. A museum caliber, large format digital arts print display comes at no extra charge with the package for your walls around the car’s display area.  The art display is pure automotive drag racing history merged in a grand display that ties your car right to the legend’s (1 of 1) with some amazing digital masters of works done for the legend, his museum, The International Drag Racing Hall Of Fame on prints we provide.  You can choose dynamic metal prints or backlit images for the display around your car.  The certificate of authenticity book will have images never before published of the legend's car, design works from the museum, the designer's original renderings of both cars and photos of your exact car's completed images.  If you order and install the kit, you can send your photos in for insertion into your book. For more detailed information or any questions just give us a call.

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