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More Collectable Than Demon

Then Add Horsepower.

Our New Innovator™ Will Have Over 900 hp

Big Daddy told me he turned down $250,000 the day Swamp Rat XXXVI displayed in the Mopar booth a few years back. Then a short time ago I heard the last Demon came off the manufacturing line and sold at auction for $500,000 from my friend who happens to be a mechanical genius and current top fuel owner and driver. I knew both of those facts meant that my design value had just risen. Really Big Daddy's car is priceless and worth way more than that last Demon now. To be sure my value rose, I wanted to check my myself. I did a rendering and sent it to a major insurance company and asked what would my new signature series car be worth?  They sent me a professional valuation recommendation on a 2017 for $100,000.  Remember, the car was just a thought and a rendering at the time of this email below.


At 56 I would love to customize Mopars for the rest of my life.  But fact is my line will be very limited to protect the collectors and their families. I put the crown in the middle of the Innovator™ logo to give all the glory to God and as a thank you for my talents, skills and opportunity to do this.  It's a dream project for me and it is for "the collectors" to enjoy.  We can promise you each car will be a masterpiece collectable for your family.


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