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We are in process of building a new regional shop, digital arts gallery & internet based web video coaching program. The United States Techs Association is that movement. The web video instructions will be web subscription based.  Our plans are to build a library of trades experts information and training methods to help young people learn from master trades experts.  Being a part of this program early could prove to be extremely important to your families future income.  For validation of this new style of online video coaching is, go to


Everyone understands there is an extreme need for masters of trade skills to teach and help others learn.  This is an important program for America's future trades force. 


Call today and let us explain how important web video instructions are when they are produced and sold nationwide in a subscriptions based program that helps your family earn and other families learn. 


Join The United States Techs Association's coaching program and get online video basic consulting included in the program, with educational online videos released each month. The potential earnings from national marketing with us is monumental for your family, so join The United States Techs Association.  CALL TODAY  269-612-8613 

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