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As a student, you can learn right along side our rise to national market, as we build our company merchandise, ads, billboards, web videos, TV commercials, radio commercials, product logos, product packaging, vehicle wraps, clothing and studio decorations all with this one tool set. We teach you this digital tool set with three softwares used as one tool.  Something only high end schools teach for 10s of thousands inside degree programs. If you want to join us as a trades instructor, give us a call. Our web video instructions are priceless to learn as a student or teach as a United States Techs Association Coach.  We are building a library of trades experts information and training methods to help young people learn from master craftsmen.  Not just tasks, but complete career outlines.  To be a part of this program early will prove to be extremely valuable to your families future income as a student or instructor.  


Our service is not college. This is a real time learning opportunity.  It will be taught one video production at a time using our actual projects built weekly to produce our national ads and product lines that we use as examples for your lessons.  


The earning potential from being a coach or student us is monumental for your future, so join The United States Techs Association™ today. 

Take Control Of Your Motion Picture Ad Tools - It's Easy & A Priceless Skill Set.

The fee for the online coaching for web video and digital arts program is a $1,500 one time fee, or $50. per week for 12 months. This pays for year one with a new lesson per week sent right to your email.  If you act before December 31, 2021, get $200 off your monthly payments. When you send an email before midnight December 31, 2021 it locks in your discount. Pay Mastercard, Visa, PayPal or Send a check or money order made out to: The United States Techs Association™.  The company address is above. Include your name, address and phone number. Then email your name, address and phone number and let us know you're coming and that you have sent your registration information and fee, then we will sign you up for the most valuable training program of your life. - U.S. Inventor Joe Adams

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