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American Made Product Film Design & Innovations Training Studio

From Prototyping A Product To Teaching You How To Use Today's Digital Arts - Tools That Can Earn You Millions


Two Of Our Signature Series Challengers (above)


Pro Motor Sports Designer / US Inventor Joe Adams

Digital Designer of Swamp Rat XXXVI (Left)

This is the car that started the project and the first story on the Adams' design for the legendary 17 Time World Champion "Big Daddy" Don Garlits Drag Pak Challenger Swamp Rat XXXVI (above ). Big Daddy's 1 of 1 factory race car built by Dodge / Mopar. 


For 30 years I have worked with and worked for Big Daddy and his family and the betterment of The Garlits Museum Of Drag Racing as an inventor, digital designer, photographer and webmaster. He was my hero from 7 years old when I first saw him at Utica Rome Speedway. Now, my invention Adamstand™ has been used in the shop by Don with one of my original prototypes now on display at his museum for almost three decades. This video to the left is the finest I have ever seen online about Don.  I'm proud to say you can actually see me at work, shooting some photos in front of one of the trailer wraps I designed at minute (9:30) in the web film above. Don and myself pictured visiting on the electric car's debut. He was so happy racing. To be allowed to design Swamp Rat 36 was a an honor and gift from Don that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Click on the link above to check out the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing. A museum you must visit on your next trip to Florida.


We created Innovator to customize a small number of collectable cars for the next generation that follows the design for the legendary 17 Time World Champion "Big Daddy" Don Garlits Drag Pak Challenger Swamp Rat XXXVI (design #1 above).


The Innovator™ was built in part to promote our United States Techs Association's national movement to help our trades force foundation and bring awareness to young parents on the important value of their children building with their hands and digital skills combined.  Our build to order custom packages for the 2021 Challengers line will be a limited to 50 units with 50 special Youngblood editions. Each package will come with an amazing certificate of authenticity book with renderings, photos and historic lineage position tied to your car with a breathtaking designer & high performance package at the Museum of Drag Racing's the standard of excellence. 

Let Us Customize Your Mopar® - The Modern Day Yenko For Mopar - Adams Design


Our prototype Innovator™ (above) that followed Don Garlits Drag Pac design was given a valuation recommendation of $100,000 from Hagerty on a rendering before the car was even built. No muscle car in history started with such collectable foundation. Designer Joe Adams pictured below with his design of Swamp Rat XXXVI - The first Innovator™ custom package put on the 2011 Drag Pac. It was Big Daddy's design idea to use flames.  And so it was done, Swamp Rat XXXVI below. 

Innovator™ Joe Adams Graphics Design On Big Daddy Don Garlits Iconic 1 of 1 SRXXXVI Drag Pac Challenger
Let Us Customize Your Challenger Or Ram
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