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Descendent of Mayflower Compact signer invents innovative new workbench/time saving work system and creates a new age online training program to help strengthen our trades force

South Haven, MI – May 10, 2024 – Joseph E. Adams and wife, Cheryl, owners of Adams Design, have created an innovative workbench destined to change the marketplace. He's also a descendant of Gov. William Bradford, one of the authors of the Mayflower Compact.
“Our team is working to better the life of people innovating with dreams to build and sell American made products and services worldwide,” said Adams. “We are using our workbench line and historic muscle car creations to prove the value of trades to young people with a live online coaching and consulting program being prepared for launch.”

A mechanic and inventor, Adams is the creator of the online coaching program and the Adamstand™ professional workbench equipment line. Constructed primarily of steel and some aluminum components, its designed to be an interactive work system that, when installed correctly, saves time, increases efficiency and productivity, while adding certain health and safety benefits.
“It’s the only height adjustable, multi-function work bench line in the market today,” said Adams.
Some of the workbenches are particularly applicable for schools and training facilities to reduce injuries where young people are using power tools.

“It’s not safe to have young people of all different heights working at one height with tabletop power equipment,” said Adams. “Our units adjust to the users size utilizing premium quality German pneumatics.”
The Adamstand™ workbench line features a revolutionary design destined to change the entire market and enhance the productivity and safety of users.

An entrepreneur for nearly 40 years, Adams also plans on launching an advanced manufacturing training school featuring a static and motion digital arts museum. Adams is a Pro Motor Sports designer, mechanical and digital, whose priceless achievements span 36 years. His projects will be featured in the museum portion of the advanced training center. The museum will showcase Adams’ accomplishments in NASCAR, Indy car, HNRA, IHRA pro drag racing, a project in Hollywood, national magazine features, and his work immortalized in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The museum will also highlight select curated pieces by other professionals in digital arts, professional racing and mechanical innovations.

Adams is the conceptual creator of the future American Innovators Training Complex. The American Innovators Training plans can be seen at the Adams Design website.

Adams plans to utilize his and his team’s priceless body of works both past and ongoing in the training programs to be examples for future generations of the monumental importance of the trades, empowered with new age digital arts manufacturing, sales and marketing tools. The training programs will be beneficial for teaching tradesmen how to supplement their income in retirement and share their knowledge with people to help create new age growth and strength for America's trades force for generations to come.


Media Contact
Cheryl R. Adams
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Adams Design, Launches Unique Opportunity For Tradespeople to Share Knowledge

South Haven, MI – April 29, 2024 – Joseph and Cheryl Adams, owners of Adams Design, have worked on projects from Hollywood to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. They’re now turning their video and digital arts acumen to helping the current and next generation of tradespeople.


“Our goal is to create jobs and teach young people the path to help rebuild small town America,” said Joseph Adams. “The American Dream not only lives, but is stronger than ever. America has retiring and soon to retire tradespeople, but we don’t have enough new specialists to replace them.”

Online promotion and marketing are critical in today’s world. Adams Design is offering live online training that teaches master tradespeople to create websites, professional teaching videos and web ads, along with tools to market themselves. Tradespeople can earn an ongoing income to dramatically strengthen their retirement holdings, while sharing their extensive knowledge with the next generation. Individuals can opt for 24- or 48- part instruction or a 1-year program.

Participants learn at their own pace as all training will be recorded and available 24/7 via the internet to customers. The starting instruction and monthly schedule will be emailed each month direct to participants’ inbox beginning in May 2023. Those that sign up by May 31, 2023 will save $5,000. For a limited time, Adams is offering free, in-person training on Saturdays at the Adams Design studio in South Haven, MI.

“We will be teaching our customers online marketing tool creation at a pro level,” said Adams. “It’s all live online instruction and I’ll be doing live Zoom with other digital arts professionals starting in the 4th quarter of 2023.

Tradespeople are the backbone of critical infrastructure, installing and maintaining essential services that people rely on every day. Tradespeople work in the building, mechanical, industrial, and medical arena. The trades include fields encompassing carpentry, electrical and heavy equipment operation to painting, plumbing and mechanics.

The professional, live, online training offered by Adams Design provides a unique opportunity for master tradesmen and the training is equally applicable for high school and college graduates, business owners, and craftsmen.

“We will show tradespeople nearing retirement a new way to earn,” said Adams. “Young people will discover a way to help themselves and America by combining digital skills and a trade. We are working to create a more advanced American model and a Trades Force Movement larger than any in America’s history.”



About Adams Design


Owned by Joseph E. Adams Jr. and wife, Cheryl, Adams Design has created and provided mechanical and digital manufacturing and product development for over 15 years. Digital web creation tools are more important to your business than the pen and pencil. The impact on your business will have monumental results to help compete on national or global stage to sell your products or services. Connect with Adams Design on Facebook.


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Adams Design

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