For Immediate Release - August - 2020
U.S. Inventor Works 30 Years To Keep His Word & Build American Made.

Then Finds The Path For American Product Builders To Compete With Cheap Labor & Beat It - To Re-Build American Made Products, Jobs & Communities.

Fast forward 30 years and our team now controls television and web video productions with todays easy to use modern day digital tools. These tools used with the business model that generated $171.6 BILLION for Jeff Bezos of Amazon is the key. Once the nation understands the new age path, America will be on course to dramatically strengthen "MADE IN AMERICA" product lines.

Mr. Adams, a multi-patented U.S. Inventor, learned that (all) of the state-of-the-art digital arts tools used in combination with traditional media advertising creates the path for American small business to defeat cheap labor. The team is launching a coaching program to help American communities and small businesses learn these priceless tools. 


The small team is using their new American made product lines and coaching service as examples inside the online instructional program. They are doing this to show people how to sell American made with today's advanced digital arts tools. Adams is quoted as saying "these tools have a power that is unmatched and will absolutely be instrumental in re-building small town America to create jobs and strengthen our economic power as a nation".

As a young man of 27, Joe Adams started with a simple $200 to chase an American dream.  The dream was to launch a work bench / system that was designed to improve efficiency in mechanical service bays, but there was one catch. The only way the product could be validated to justify its higher expense since it was American made was with motion picture. The product line needed video to demonstrate the work benches complex applications and benefits. Video is the best tool for direct sales explanations, but back then it was $100s of thousands to millions to build video productions and air them in millions of homes for national use.