For Immediate Release - October - 2020
U.S. Inventor - Pro Motor Sports Designer - Creates A Program To Help Trades

Something Has To Be Done To Excite Young People About Learning A Trade

In 2021 we will film a project for the manufacturers (sponsors) who provide computer built parts that go from autodesk to the finished parts from the chassis to every interior and suspension part to build and complete our BatRod™ a replica of one of the most famous and iconic cars in the world. Engine, transmission or any supplies or hardware and high performance parts manufacturing sponsors are welcome. 


We will do this to honor George Barris, and build the car with state-of-the art technology. The object of the build is to help inspire young people to build with their hands and computers as one skill set, thus creating a stronger, more capable U.S. Trades Force for America's future.


Sponsoring the build / web / TV film: The cost to participate is a small fee per month for a 12 month period, plus supply any traditional product, assembly or subassembly of parts, as well as any cnc or 3D printed parts. In return the sponsor will get a web film commercial inside our web film production that promotes their website, products or services. These commercials will be embedded into the production so they will always play where ever the production is embedded to play online.

The sponsor will then have the rights to embed and play our finished production on their website or other websites for as many years as they wish.


We want to film the project being built to show young people how powerful working with your hands and computers AS ONE are to strengthen our trades force that builds and maintains our way of life. We will use this project to excite young people about trades. Below is our car, getting ready to go into the shop for the restoration.  From the chassis up this car will be built to a world class customs standard.

Promote Building Our U.S. Trades Force - Create Model Kit Build Classes In Grade Schools.

The passion to build starts at a very young age. Our goal is to use our project to move young parents to lobby their communities to get model kit build classes put into grade schools to replace our lost shop classes. We also wish others to follow our lead, using famous elements from newer generations to also build inspirational like projects. This venue will strengthen and inspire our future trades force.

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