For Sale - The Prototype - A Historic 1 of 1

As we begin to create muscle car history on the contemporary Challengers, Innovator™ prototype 001 is for sale.  (Terms For The Prototype Only) You must agree to purchasing terms. Because the car is the sister design to Big Daddy's Swamp Rat XXXVI the car can only be sold finished to a historic platform fitting the legend's standard. Custom painted graphics and show caliber clear and new custom wheels will be added along with far more detail in the interior that carries the outside theme to the interior.


With the package will come a transporter design, custom helmet, uniform tops and a race uniform. The car will come with an NHRA compliant roll cage if you add horsepower. The car's modifications will be held to a contract production outline that is mutually agreed upon. The owner agrees to a mutually agreeable annual usage agreement for it's lifetime for special display needs.

The purchase of prototype 001 purchase will be documented on our new documentary film production "Build It". You have opportunity to cross market with us, depending on your product or service(s). For the start of the story, see the Innovator™ web film just below. For more information or to order a new Innovator™ designed by the legendary Drag Racing Artist Kenny Youngblood with Mr. Adams, call Joe at 269-612-8613