It's taken us two years to get back to where we were when we moved out of the last shop.  I'm happy to say in one week I got it back to where I was two years ago in the new shop / filming studio.  I re-built the Adamstand™ this week specific to assisting tire install shops. One sale is the focus, for a company who has 500 to a 1,000 bays.  


You can see the unfinished piece in front of the Nascar. The work bench can be proven to save time and energy from bending all day for the techs. So we are getting ready to prove this with a time study video production. Now the entire work center spins 360 degrees on the floor mount. It's taken over 3 decades to get into this position. This time, the shop will stay traditional mechanical.  It's not my style of clean, but we are at least ready to prove revolutionary in the commercial mechanical industry ... within a few weeks. 

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