After 30 Years - Adamstand™ Is Coming Back - National Press Release On The Old Units​ - Click PTEN below.
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Adamstand™ Work Benches - The History Of The Erector Set Of Work Benches

The First Major Shop Equipment Line Category Improvement In 100 Years

2011 National Story -

The 30 Year Promise - For My Awesome Uncles, Grandfather & Partners

George, Charlie, Fred & Fred Nelson - Now We Work On An All Aluminum Version.

One reason I know web video is a priceless tool for you to learn is because my invention needed video to prove it was a revolutionary efficiency improvement in an equipment line category that had not had a major improvement in the past 100 years.  You will see us come to national TV this year now that our new American manufacturing direction has been finalized.

My entire career started 30 years ago when my uncle George loaned me $200 to start Adamstand™ Work Benches. My Uncle Charlie did all of the blue prints, and my Uncle Rocky (Fred) inspired my passion for building & welding. The idea for the Adamstand™ or the build foundation came from my grandfather Fred Nelson Sr. and his boat docks on the Indian River in upstate New York.
Click anywhere on the main image above to see the story on the invention The Adamstand™Work Benches / Work System. Keeping your word can take decades. I am still working on getting the stand to market. The product could not be explained well enough to justify cost with just pictures we need web video. This is how I know how important web video is to your family and business.   A new shop and Adamstand™ video production is coming soon.
An Infomercial was quoted to us years back at $250,000 for a 30 minute production, plus we needed millions more in airtime.  So I created another way to get the work system back to market in 2019.
Adamstand™ Work Benches are the first major improvement , category wide, in over 100 years. But they need a complete shop, set up to demonstrate on film how it's revolutionary and how it increases efficiency for the end user.
Stay tuned.  A man's word is everything.  Never quit. It's taken this long to figure out how to earn the money to try to bring the stand back to market again.  But this time, it is direct sales to win.  Bet on it. 
Teach young people to reach for their dreams and remember our trades experts build and maintain our American way of life. If you need help making your shop more efficient, feel free to contact me for a build to order program.  These stands applied correctly will make you money by saving you time in a commercial shop.
US Inventor - Adamstand™ / Pro Motor Sports Designer - Joseph E. Adams Jr.