U.S. Nationals Top Fuel Champion Terry McMillen Joins Our Cause.

Our Plans Are To Build The Largest Drag Racing Team & American Hot Rod Trades Force Movement In American History - Join Us.


Join The Drag Racing Team Designed To Re-build A More Advanced National Trades Force

Join The Team For A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity for 2022
Be Coached or Become A Coach & Earn

Join our team this year in the nation's Jr. Drag Racing league or any division and you get the same custom wrap master design files to create a look matching our US Techs Associations Trades Force 1 Top Fuel Dragster. You also get a lifetime membership to the United States Techs Association online web video pro coaching program and the complete membership benefits package listed below.


The First 400 Jr. Dragsters Team Members Get The Design Packages To Match The Top Fuel Car

• Manufacturers • Inventors • Fabricators • Machinists • Racers

Join Our American Trades Force Movement

All Jr. Dragster Or Other Division Team Members Receive Our Pro Marketing Master Design Packages
& A Lifetime Membership To Our Online Film Consulting Program

This is your chance to team with U.S. Inventor & Pro Motorsports Designer Joe Adams and Top Fuel driver and team owner Terry McMillen and their team as they set out to create the largest and most powerful drag racing team in American History. The team’s mission is to promote becoming a tradesmen all across America’s communities to help build a stronger more advanced American Trades Force.


So What Do You Get As A Team Member?


First you get a complete professional motorsports design package so you can print all of the graphics, hero cards, tow vehicle graphics market and race car graphics at your local sign shop, so you can promote and sell at the drag strip, car shows or local events just like the pros.


All of the master designs to help you earn from selling merchandise to fund some of your drag racing expenses.  Learn to appear promote and sell merchandise just like your favorite drag racing stars. When you join The United States Techs Association™ Drag Racing Team you gain a membership to get all of the pro consulting and art work to download so your local print shop can create everything you need to become a professional drag racing team with military precision just like the pros.


Build your professional drag racing team and have merchandise to sell like matching sweatshirts, tee shirts, hats, jackets, track banners, coffee mugs, clocks, canopies, USTA Jr. Dragster and race car wraps, decals for your hauler and trailer and so much more.


Every month when you go to our website you can download the latest artwork designed to help you make money and help support your racing effort and promote our monumentally important cause at your local drag strips, car shows and community events. When you join us, you help us educate new generations tasked with re-building a more advanced American Trades Force.


So join The most powerful Trades Force movement  ever created.  Help us create the largest and most important drag racing team in American History.


As a bonus, once you become a member of this historic drag racing team, you will get professional coaching and drag racing consulting whenever Terry & Joe release new film productions for life.


These priceless lessons are sent right to your email.  You become a United States Techs Association member for life and become one of only Jr. Dragsters 400 in the nation to have the same custom wrap design master as Terry McMillen’s US Techs Associations Trades Force 1 Top Fuel Dragster that you can print at your local sign shop.

This is just some of what you will learn when the web video training videos are released;

• You get Terry McMillen's tips on how to build a pro race team & Joe Adams coaching on how to promote and create your entire race team's digital platform to help you attract future sponsors.

• What softwares define a digital artist - key to gaining sponsorship.  Why are these COMBINED SOFTWARE skills priceless to you for motorsports proposals, pro race team building and merchandising.


• We explain the true value of a single photoshop file and why it's mass production potentials far exceeds traditional mass produced products to help create national products ready for production and resale.


• What is Photoshop's true value inside Final Cut Pro (web video editing) relative to mass production and building or selling American made products or services.

• We will show you the tools to use to build TV shows for airing TV, web productions or video proposals.


• Photoshop to 3D animation made easy, get amazing animations in minutes from a single png file so you can build film productions like a professional.


• How can these combined tools build a complete franchise in motion and static art, that you can sell over and over again. 

• Learn 100% of the marketing tools to sell online worldwide.

• The digital arts power actually allows you to compete with China and win.


• Renderings can create historical multi-million dollar strategic positions. What does this mean? How do I render and create what I see in my mind? Make NO MISTAKE - RENDERINGS ARE PRICELESS.


• Subscription empires - as a master craftsman, monetize your trade and earn. What tools do I need in software? What equipment do I need for photography, filming and lighting (see the next page - Craftsmen Membership).


Then in the final quarter of the consulting package from year one we send our how to lessons for the three priceless softwares showing them used as one tool to control mass production of product or message delivery worldwide.  


Our marketing materials and consulting packages are sent right to your email.

You actually pay just $14. per day with a 12 month plan.