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You Will Gain Millions In Development & Cross Marketing Value As
An Official U.S. Techs Association™ Training Instructor

Once you have learned the tools and present a video training series that qualifies you as coach or maybe you have a series online already, when we grow, you grow as a coach for the United States Tech Association™. You will gain the power of millions we spent over decades of development. The cross marketing dollars we spend to advertise at the local, state and national level will be a valuable addition when you join our professional team.

Even with a simple goal of 250 sales, you will earn over a million dollars, that is a every 250 sales, even if you choose to just market your training service locally. If you have a training series online already, feel free to email us to review your materials for the opportunity to join the the United States Tech Association™ and our American Trades Force Movement.

The Trailer - The Story Of Hand Built - Our Planned TV Series.
Your Story As An Online Instructor Could Be Featured.

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